Pre-Purchase Inspection (PPI)


Save Thousands On Your Next Used Car Purchase!

In-shop or On-site Used Car Inspections $135!

Our Mission
Buying a used car can be intimidating … No worries! We’re here to help you make the right decision. Our used car pre-purchase inspections help you make the most informed purchasing decision and avoid costly mistakes. We will travel to the vehicle’s location and perform a
thorough on-site used car inspection, making sure everything is in tip top shape. we do this as an added element of protection, education
and savings to your buying experience.

Addictive Autos inspections provide experienced and credible pros
that will protect you from buying a lemon and/or potential major repairs.

With Addictive Auto, we will provide an honest and unbiased assessment that will not only uncover hidden issues but advise on potential repair costs.

Cost Reduction
Our used car pre-purchase inspections will help you negotiate, avoid costly mistakes and unexpected repairs.

Comprehensive Reports
Our on-site used car inspection reports are designed to give you a full understanding of the vehicle’s condition, unbiased. We offer a side by side experience that allows for a more personal connection with the vehicle. If you can’t make the inspection or live out of state? no problem, you can chat with us free of charge.

Our price of $135 provides significant value, offering a premium inspection and consultation without any pricey add-ons or tiered packages.

From booking your on-site used car inspection to receiving your report, everything is processed and emailed to you ASAP!

Technical Experience
Our pros have years of experience and use their skills and techniques to identify anything that might be wrong with a vehicle.
We make sure you are purchasing a vehicle that is safe and reliable for yourself and your family.

With Addictive Auto, you get to speak to someone about your used car pre-purchase inspection report. All of our inspection packages include a phone consultation. Buy with confidence!

Positive Experiences
Buying a used vehicle can become a stressful and frustrating experience. Here at Addictive Auto, we treat each inspection as if its our own, providing superior customer service to ensure you feel the peace of mind you deserve in an important decision. Our on-site used car inspections will help you make the most informed purchasing decision, avoid costly mistakes and keep any transaction transparent. Feel better about the vehicle you want with a pro by your side.

PLEASE NOTE: Our services are not affiliated with any repair shop or dealer and we never get paid for recommending or performing repairs.


Step 1 – Book inspection

Booking your used car pre-purchase inspection with Addictive Auto is easy. Just simply email or call us and provide your information,the seller’s contact information and some basic details about the vehicle that you need us to inspect. We will coordinate with the seller and schedule an appointment within 24-48 hours to perform our full vehicle inspection. Once the appointment is scheduled we will notify you. Of course you are more than welcome to be present during our inspection, but if you don’t have time or live too far, we’ll take care of everything and notify you when we’re all done.

Step 2 – How it goes

This is where the magic happens! Our pros will arrive onsite to perform a full vehicle inspection. We check everything
from visible structural and mechanical components to scanning your on-board computer systems. If permitted we will take the car for a spin and make sure it runs and drives like a dream. We are trained to be able to provide you with a complete assessment of a vehicle’s overall condition. Typically this part of the process takes about an hour.

We believe no customer should have to settle when it comes to inspecting a used car. This is why we offer only 1 package for an inexpensive cost of $135. Designed to fit everyone’s needs and budget, eliminating the need for add-ons that can increase the cost dramatically and offer very little additional insight. Our package brings you the ultimate peace of mind and maximum savings when inspecting a used car. We check everything!

Our vehicle inspection processes are of the highest standards. Our team consists of experienced individuals, who are mostly certified experts in their fields and use their expert experience to identify any issues while inspecting a used car. Imagine us as your personal used car adviser, unbiased and transparent.

Step 3 – The report

Once our used car pre-purchase inspection is completed, your report will be emailed to you within 24-48hrs. Our reports are truly one of a kind. With a combination of graphics and checklists, it is designed to be as easy to comprehend as possible. If needed we offer a phone consultation to review your report, photos, a history and title check along with a market value assessment. With every inspection we dedicate time to allow our team to help you go over the report and understand all the information that is being provided to you. Our report is the perfect tool to help you make an informed purchasing decision.


Our pros perform a standard inspection that includes a visual inspection of the fluids, body, brakes, cooling system, suspension, HVAC, tires, and overall external appearance. Our pros will also take photos of the exterior and interior. Our pros may scan the car’s various computers for trouble codes and test drive the vehicle if it’s safe and operational and if permission from the owner has been given. If one of our pros inspecting the car is not given permission to test drive the car or it is unsafe to test drive the car, the inspection will be completed without the road test portion.

Our pros provide detailed evaluations of each car they inspect, and report the condition of the car to you as soon as it’s complete. The report is sent electronically to your email address and no phone calls are made. If you have questions about the report or want to speak directly to the pro who performed the inspection, you can contact our customer service team and we will have the pro contact you.

For your convenience, our pros go to the car owner’s location to inspect the car. They do not put the car on a lift but may use floor jacks to raise up parts of the car as needed. For example, the rear of the car may be jacked up a few inches off the ground in order for the mechanic to inspect the wheels and tires.

Diagnostic equipment is not typically used in a pre-purchase inspection. Tools used in the pre-purchase inspections are those needed to check the fluids, brakes, tires, batteries, and other parts of the vehicle. An OBD II scanner may be used to record any trouble codes that may exist. One important part of the inspection is the pros years of experience working on cars and providing their expert feedback on the condition of the car.

Our pros will identify the VIN (vehicle identification number), but does not check the authenticity of the VIN, history, or title. When you find a car in which you’re interested, you need to determine whether there are major potential problems with the car. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration maintains a list of recalls and Technical Service Bulletins, which you may check regarding the car you have in mind for purchase. You’ll want to know if the car has been in any accidents, failed smog checks, or had other past issues. You can check the history of the car on CarFax , which takes data from insurance companies, shops, and other providers.

On average, a pre-purchase inspection takes approximately an hour for our pro to complete.

A pre-purchase inspection is not guaranteed because it is an assessment of the condition of the car at a specific point in time. After the inspection, a part could be altered that would affect the overall condition of the car, thereby invalidating our pros inspection report. Furthermore, the car is fully assembled and our pro cannot see the inside of an engine or transmission during the inspection. Our pros do not take the whole car apart to check every
component in the car. Thus, there are possibilities of impending failures that are not evident at the time of inspection. Our pros use their judgement and years of experience working on cars to provide their best opinion on the condition of the car, and may suggest potential repairs. Due to the complex mechanical structure of cars and the inability for in-depth inspection of various car components to guarantee the continued performance of the car. all claims must be submitted within 1 week of the date of inspection. Please note: if we agree to your claim, the remedy will be no greater than the purchase price of the inspection service price. You can read our full terms and conditions here.

Our pros do not include a compression test as part of the pre-purchase inspection. Conducting a compression test involves removing the spark plug and there is the potential for other issues to arise when parts are removed.

Easy! Send us an email or call us and we will then coordinate with the seller to schedule an appointment. If you are not available to be present we will arrange everything and keep you posted along the way.

Most of our inspections are scheduled with 24-48 hours. If we can not schedule the appointment within that time frame we will notify you.

Currently we inspect all cars or trucks, no matter the make, year or model.

If we are permitted by the dealer, we will inspect it. If the dealer refuses an unbiased 3rd party inspection, you probably shouldn’t be buying from them anyway!

We currently inspect vehicles in New York only. We cover Nassau, Suffolk county and the twin forks.

All our services are prepaid by credit/debit card. But no worries, we can offer you a refund or give you credit for future inspections in certain situations.

The cancellation policy for a pre-purchase inspection is the same as cancelling any service by Addictive Auto. To avoid a cancellation fee of $20, we request that you cancel the appointment within 24 hours of booking. You can cancel or reschedule your appointment via email or by calling us.

Our office hours are Monday-Saturday 10am to 6pm. We will schedule appointments outside of those hours to accommodate our customers (weather and daylight permitting)

Our reports are emailed to our customers 24-48hrs after we are done with the inspections.

No, only our paying customers have access to our reports.

Yes, if the vehicle is registered, insured and the owner/conditions permit it, we will do our best to identify any issues during our test drives.

Our pros undergo a rigorous evaluation and screening process. Most of our pros are certified by the National Institute For Automotive Service Excellence (ASE)and if not, they have years of experience in the field.

Unfortunately, we cannot perform our inspections properly during rain or snow. If we have to reschedule our appointment due to
weather we will reschedule your appointment at no additional cost.